Faucet Owners

Fast & secure micropayment API

  • Secure SSL connection
  • Available for everyone
  • Automatically given API access
  • Support for BTC, DOGE, LTC, PPC, XPM and DRK/DASH
  • Constantly growing userbase
Getting started

Faucet Users

Cool & secure micropayment cache

  • No fees for users
  • Easy to check balance
  • Payouts history
  • Support for BTC, DOGE, LTC, PPC, XPM and DRK/DASH
  • Constantly growing Faucets List
Getting started
faucetbox New version of Faucet in a BOX is out! Download it from: faucetinabox.com 2016-09-16

Over 1700 faucets use FaucetBOX.com

Secure SSL connection

You can use secure SSL connection to connect to our API. All data sent to us is safe - you don't have to be afraid that someone will steal your coins.

Support for multiple currencies

FaucetBOX supports BTC, DOGE, LTC, PPC, XPM and DRK/DASH. If you would like us to support new cryptocurrecy send us a message and we'll take it under consideration.

Constantly growing userbase

We have more and more users everyday. Faucet owners choose our system because we are the best in the industry - and your users probably already know about us!

Interested in FaucetBOX.com API? Sign up now!

  • Accounts only for faucets, users use only their addresses
  • Ready to use Faucet in a Box script
  • Friendly support for faucet owners
  • Full statistics

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